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I’ve revamped the 5E XP Rules.  Take a look and let me know what you think. It’s a mixture between Gold for XP of yester-year (B/X, Rules Cyclopedia and 1e) and Milestones Leveling. My Campaign is a homebrew world that will go from a level range of 1-20. My current party is 11 PC’s at 5th level playing once a week.

Thank you for the supportive feedback.

Gold for XP Rules .03:


  • A PC advances to the next level when they meet two requirements.

Requirement 1:

  • Spending 10 Gold Pieces (gp) equals 1 XP. The PC must spend the required amount of gp’s to meet the level requirement minus 1 XP in DNDBeyond. The PC only adds XP as they spend their acquired gp’s.

Requirement 2:

  • PC’s must resolve a set number of milestones for each level denoted on the Milestone Table 1.1.

Spending Gold Pieces


  • PC XXXX just achieved level 5 and has exactly 6500 XP. The normal XP requirement for level 6 is 14,000 XP.
  • To advance to level 6, PC XXXX needs 7499 XP to meet the first requirement for the new advancement rules (level 5 6500 XP + 7499 XP = 13999 XP).
  • If PC XXXX acquires and spends 74990 gp, he gains 7499 XP as 10 gp = 1 XP.
  • PC XXXX’s XP total is now 13999 XP and the first requirement for character advancement is now met.

Note 1: The level gain will not go into effect until the appropriate number of milestones for the next level are earned. Every gp spent after you reach the Level XP cap doesn’t convert to XP but is spent and deducted from your coin purse.

Note 2: The PC total XP must be 1 XP less than the required XP needed in DNDBeyond so that the autolevel feature of DNDBeyond at the 14000 XP threshold is not triggered thus resulting in Level 6 level gain features applied to your character sheet. PC XXXX adds XP to his DNDBeyond character sheet as he spends the gp’s, not as he acquires the treasure.


  • Milestones are story quests that need to be resolved. Milestones descriptions are indicated in the Quests column on the Note-Taker tab of the PC Roles Sheet.  They can be completed in any order. There is no right way to resolve the milestone, the world will react to the decisions of the party accordingly.
  • The DM presents situations to the Party as they adventure in the world. Milestones are created by the desires and actions of the party to resolve them. There is no requirement to complete any specific Milestone. As new situations occur more Milestones will be generated.
  • PC’s must be present for most of the story arc to earn a Milestone.
  • “Milestone advancement is tracked by the amount of custom items denoted as “! Milestones”” in your DNDBeyond inventory.”


  • In order to advance to Level 6, PC XXXX must complete a set number of Milestones for each level. According to the Milestone Table 1.1 at Level 6 (see below), PC XXXX must resolve 18 milestones in order to meet the second requirement necessary for Level 6.
  • PC XXXX is present for most of the 18 milestones and their story arc conclusions. They earns 18 Milestones in thier DNDBeyond inventory.
  • Level 7 requires an additional 21 milestones to be completed and so on.

Some example Level 5 Milestone’s for gaining Level 6:

  • Invasion: Poke an Eye Out: Build alliances with people groups to defeat the coming onslaught of XXXX
  • The XXXX’s Cure: Cure XXXX the Bard and XXXX: Location: XXXX XXXX by talking to the XXXX of the XXXX
  • We’re Off to See the XXXX: Get the curses removed by the XXXX of XXXX XXXX. Location: 20 miles east of XXXX Village
  • Rescue Me: Rescue XXXX from the XXXX XXXX, Chief of the XXXX, and get the reward from XXXX XXXX’s bounty before XXXX XXXX, get’s there. (Location: XXXX XXXX)
  • Save the Lass: XXXX XXXX Request: Kill XXXX XXXX and free XXXX XXXX’s niece
  • Oh Where, Oh Where, Can my Baby Be: XXXX – General Store Owner Request: Find XXXX, XXXX’s niece
  • XXXXXXXX: Dispose of XXXX XXXX in some way.

Tying it all together:

  • Completing both XP Level Cap and Milestone completion will advance the PC to the next Level.


  • PC XXXX spent all gp’s necessary (74999 gp) for the Level 5 XP cap (13,999XP) and completed 18 Milestones.
  • PC XXXX is now Level 6. Hazza!

Table: 1.1

Level Experience Gold Spent Milestones
1 0 $0.00 0
2 300 $3,000.00 1
3 900 $9,000.00 3
4 2,700 $27,000.00 9
5 6,500 $65,000.00 14
6 14,000 $140,000.00 18
7 23,000 $230,000.00 21
8 34,000 $340,000.00 25
9 48,000 $480,000.00 32
10 64,000 $640,000.00 38
11 85,000 $850,000.00 43
12 100,000 $1,000,000.00 47
13 120,000 $1,200,000.00 50
14 140,000 $1,400,000.00 54
15 165,000 $1,650,000.00 57
16 195,000 $1,950,000.00 59
17 225,000 $2,250,000.00 60
18 265,000 $2,650,000.00 63
19 305,000 $3,050,000.00 65
20 355,000 $3,550,000.00 66









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