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The Question:

What seismic planar events have occurred in your world’s history?

When answering this question we must define what a Planar Event is and how it differs from a World Event in scope.


Planar Event:

My definition is a Greater Action that happens in another Plane of Existence and directly effects another Plane of Existence.

Plane of Existence: 

A reality of existence where something or nothing exists. It may be physical, spiritual, energy, element, or otherwise. It may be defineable by an element, “The Plane of Fire” or a deity, a Outer god may exist outside of time and space.

A World Event: 

This may be a Lesser Action that occurs from the perpective of those that dwell on a particular Plane of Existence, but not others. As in humans living on a continent and a world war has just ignited.

Greater Action:  

A Greater Action is something that has profound implications across the  Planes of Existence. In this case a Outer god invading the “Plane of Fire” to siphon off energy to grow it’s army or strengthen itself.

Lesser Action:  

A Lesser Action is something that is within a Plane of Existence and effects a smaller group of inhabitants. This example could be from the event of a important nobleman vassal


in the region being assassinated (Influence here WWI).


A Simple Example: 

The Young Prince at the End of the Age:

The Prince Terric was born unto a regal and majestic Kingdom and for a time there was peace. The prince was not well recieved by the people of the Kingdom of Madruve. His gaunt and pale appeance among the other vibrant and healthy looking royal family didn’t bode well as being the heir apparent. Not known to the King and Queen, dark magics were being practiced, by there most trusted advisor, Gisela. Gisela was a elderly, and shrewd counselour to the crown all her life and served the grandparents of little Prince Terric. Gisela, made a pact with a Outer god named, Reyva, during the reign of Terric’s Grandparents, the now deceased honorable King Walguud and Queen Gerlienda. The Pact with Reyva entailed the soul of the first born prince born by the King and Queens first born son for peace and prosperity in the land lasting for the duration of thier linege..

The time had come to pay what was owed.

The life that was so bright was fading faster as the days were growing darker. Summer turn to Fall and Fall turned to Winter. Prince Terric was no longer making  public appearances and the local news from the “Parchment and Quill” had churned out rumors of  hideous and grotesque developments, a boy dissappearing at the dinner table and sudden death. These rumors ran wild in the imagination of the commoners. Suprisingly this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as Gisela had devised a way to siphon off life force through draining both the current King Tassilo and Queen Allondra. The young couple slowly began to wither as the young prince grew stronger and stronger. Rumors of a otherworld invasion began sweeping the countryside. Monstrosties were said to be deep in the forests surrounding the kingdom limits. A string of villagers have gone missing. Year after year the kingdom began to suffer.

On his 13 half-birthday both his parents violently collapsed and met a untimely end.  Due to his parent’s death, Terric’s strength began to fade. Stricken with grief, he asked for counsel from Gisela. She bitterly begain to explain her vivamancy magics and how she had made a deal for prosperity. A deal made at a time when there were no other choices but to look beyond to the stars. Enraged at the news, Prince Terric commanded Gisela to be bound and impriosned until such a time when he would deal with her properly. He wandered the kingdom and searched Gisela’s tower for answers. The guards had to break down the door, but even then he was not permitted to enter by a strange force. Each time he would think to enter the doorway he would forget where he was and what he wanted, he would find himself many miles from the palace out in the wilds.

On one occasion he found himself at the great Fouquard Ruins. As child he was warned not to venture too close to the this unholy place. They was always a childhood temptation to venture there, but as weak as he once was he never had enough strength to go that far. He thought of the great kingdom neighboring his own and how it had fallen into ruin and crumbled to mere ashes over night.

Now being the heir apparent and facing the prestipice of death, he wandered through the standing stones.

The day was waning into evening and he found shelter just before dusk among the strange runed archetecture of the decripit chapel. He settled in for the night, when at once a bright light burst forth from the altar at the front of the chapel.For a moment, he was whisked away to another time of replendant glory. The fading muruals covered in grime and soot washed anew as the vivid colors of saints appeared in thier portraturatures. A man appeared before him dressed in the vestments of his Holy Order. The light around him softly glowed forth from his being and followed where he walked.

“Awaken sleeper your journey is but beggining”, he spoke with kind words. Terric asked many questions that evening. Saint Magnus, the betrothed, answered few. Saint Magnus spoke of the night the great kingdom of Fouquard fell through the annuals of time. He spoke of great betrayal and the pact that was made to save the prince’s life. He relayed the cost paid to appease the outer god Reyva and how his life was forfeited before it had begun. The city paid in the most expensive and precious currency…blood.

Saint Magnus urged him to venture south to the Aurorian Temple of Dawn’s First Light and journey into the mountains of Fallen’s Rage. He must parley with Hieromonk Gerolt, the cerberus and the keeper of the passage. He warned the young prince, that the end of his life will either yield the great eradication of this realm or the the quickening of a new age.

Terric awoke, his countenace illuminated as if he had seen the a fraction of the power of the One True God.

Stay tuned, we will discuss further aspects of tabletop roleplaying in future posts.

As always, may the wind be at your back and the dice ever roll in your favor.





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