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Good Day,

My name is Master John. I’m starting this blog as a outlet for my favorite hobby, Dungeons and Dragons. I started a few years ago with the 5th Edition Starter Set.

The story goes, one Saturday a few of my friends and I were having a conversation about board games and how we enjoyed them so much as kids. We decided to go our friendly local gaming store or F.L.G.S. We perused the gaming racks of quite a large store. We looked around and came to the Dungeons and Dragons section. There were the board game versions of some of the most famous adventures, like “Curse of Strahd”or the “Wrath of Ashardalon”. They’re were so many different books and editions to choose from. We didn’t know where to look or what to buy. We asked one of the clerk’s what we should get and he directed us to the 5th Edition – Starter Set.

We looked at the two games and decided to go with the starter set as it looked more fun and had all the weird dice.

That moment changed my tabletop gaming life!

We came back to my place and cracked it open. We immediately started rolling dice. Because why? Because it’s so thrilling.

Then came the next decison, that put me down this path. Who was going to be the Dungeon Master or DM? This is the storyteller of the game who directs the story, adjudicates the decisions made, makes the NPC’s have funny voices and interprets the dice rolls.

This role encompasses everything I love about the game. It’s pure imagination. It’s magic. It’s thrilling and it’s now my life long hobby.

My friends have since moved to other states, switched jobs, got married and had kids. That spring into summer was enchanting and a huge learning curve.

My group now has members from those early days and few familiar and new faces, but nothing beats that first summer of Dungeons & Dragons. I cut my teeth on 5th Edition with that Starter Set. I’d recommend you grab a few of your closest friends and buy the $20.00 set that may became a lifelong hobby for you and your friends.

Until next time, may the wind be at your back and the dice ever roll in your favor.

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